Friday, November 28, 2014

Stop these Bollywood cliches

Bollywood we had had enough. We do not want to see these cliches (post-2000)  anymore
1. Stop portraying women as skimpily clad girls with lots gusto in the beginning only to end up at the end again as doormat. ( Ex-Cocktail(Deepika's character, Ishaqzaade(Parineeti's character)

2.Being loud and boisterous and "in your face" attitude is not equal to being modern woman.

3. Make 3D movies for the heck of it with no purpose. (Dangerous Ishq)

4. Try use graphics,technology and what not which clearly look third rate and then claim to have made the best technological film ever.

5. Girl who is modern can wear salwar kameez and sarees.

6. Bollywood heroines giving lectures on obejectification in real life and getting objectified in reel life.

7. Use media to advantage for film promotion, self promotion , brand promotion and what not and then blaming media for intruding into their lives. Letting them "intrude" for your convenience is as sickening.

8. Lifting, copying stories,scenes,action sequences,songs,dance moves is WRONG. STOP IT.

9.  Looting people with exorbitant ticket rates. No wonder you are earning in crores. But for this the people are to be blamed.

10. Its ok to show girls as coy and shy  because real life does have these kind of girls.

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