Monday, November 24, 2014

Investing in a relation

Today we are living in such a cynical world. We are questioning every relationship we have. We hardly trust anybody. Forget others , we sometimes don't trust ourselves!  We aremso into this "marketing"  jargons that everything is give and take policy. The problem is we all want to take first and then give. And when everybody thinks this way, there can only be a deadlock! Each is waiting for the other to give and finally none get anything. All  they get is  a let down feeling.  But this can change! It can change if one tries to give first and then see if we can anything is return!  

This can happen only if we genuinely invest in relationships. The problem with today's world is nobody has the time to do so.  And what is even more funny , one who gives importance to family relations is considered a foolish person letting go of their individuality. Who the hell told you so? 
Time and again it has been proven that , a family with good relations is a happy family. Not a family with greatest riches, nor a family with greatest academicians. We all keep working hard individually with happiness as the end goal. If we can get the happiness with great relations all around, why not invest more time into it?

Before I get into investing into a relationship, I do not mean fake messages on FB  or false smiley faces on WhatsApp. They are not in my terms building a relationship.  A true relationship is built gradually. It is built with lots of work from our side.  This process may take years. But it is definitely worth it. A solid relationship at the end of four years will give you lifelong happiness. And happiness is our goal right?  When we keep thinking about , what am I getting in return, or what will I get in return , then we get into the selfish mode. First give it a try. Try hard, Give hundred percent. Even after your trials, the relationship is not working , then it was probably not worth it. But first give it a TRY. 

The most ignored relations of our world are our own families. We assume , mom is always there. We believe dad will bail us out. Work hard in maintaining a good relation with your family. Small gestures, a smile, listening to your family member will go a long way in building a relation. A hug, a pat on a shoulder, a good laugh  all these things matter. Going home and asking mom about her day will cheer her up. Asking your brother about his exams or the latest game he has will bring a smile to his face. If these things don't come naturally to us then we must do it consciously. It is not being fake. It is being more sensitive. Hard work always pays. And this hard work will also pay. It will pay you in happiness. 

When we pass away , nobody talks about our designation we passed away with. People only think about how we were as a person. They say "He was a good man, she was a helpful lady, he was always polite". Nobody will talk about our riches. They will only talk about our richness as a person . This richness can only come from how we have built our relationship with the rest of the world. So time has come to start investing! Where to start? Start with your mom :)

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