Thursday, November 27, 2014

I don't know Phil Hughes personally and yet......

I don't know Phil Hughes personally. I don't what records you have broken  or were you really good at cricket. But when I heard about your  death yesterday my heart went heavy. I still feel heavy. I feel heavy with the thought that you didn't want to leave this world. That you wanted to do much more in life and you could have. That you  chose this sport with lot of braveness and courage. Feel heavy with pain thinking about his parents. Nothing can be more painful than seeing your child pass away before you.
God's way of working is quiet confusing at times. Otherwise he wouldn't have done this.But God has been merciful in the fact that Phil Hughes never regained consciousness after being hit. At least he didn't go through any pain and was not aware of what was happening to his brain. But God ,please show more kindness in giving strenghth to his parents so that they cope  with the loss. That their restless souls gets some peace and then Phil Hughes will rest in peace.

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