Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Things I would love to do!

Everybody has a wish list ,I too have many :) .These are somethings which I don't do outof fear ,some because it is not practical ,some because the right time has not come for it.

1.I would like get a lifetime free membership to all libraries in the world.

2.To be able to travel all over the world anytime I wish to without any constraints.(Office goers will know what I mean)

3.To be able to drive a car anywhere anyplace no matter how heavy the traffic is .(The basic thing is that I am dead scared to drive! :) and yes I have license to drive..)

4. Eat Pani Puri always yummy..(without falling ill,upsetting your stomach,thinking about cleanliness,dont want it on a plate whew so much for pani puri :) )

5.To own whole of Agatha Christie collection.

6. To be able to go to any book shop and buy any book of your choice without ever seeing the price tag on it.(How many times I have done that)

7. Would love to travel in Hill Station train (Blue Mountain,Himalayan queen) .Never got a chance to do so.But I think it is possible if "someone" out there is reading this .

8. To be able to dance as if nobody is watching you :)

9. To give a public speech in front of say a crowd of 1000?

Well there are many more but I will stop here .


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Some books I treasure

I read good amount of books but I wouldnt put my self in the category of "voracious" readers. If I am hooked on to a book I can finish up pretty fast otherwise....you know what !!

But here is a list of books which I treasure and they have influenced me in some way or the other.Here I am going to exclude all the books I have read in my childhood.

1. R.K Narayan collection : I started with Malgudi days relating each story with the DoorDarshan episodic programme and thoroughly enjoyed them. The simplicity of each story influenced me a lot. Here is a guy who writes stories as if it were picked from two people in conversation on a street. And some of his novels and stories were 20 years ahead of its time. I remember reading a book called "GrandMother's Tale" and kept thinking how forward the book was. So I would suggest readers to read at least one of R.K Narayan books .(I am sure half the India has read already :) ..appealing to the remaining half!)

2. Dale Carnigie's How to make friends and influence people : I can't tell you in words as to how this book has influenced me. It has taught me the art of making friends ,the art of knowing people ,to empathize ,to develope compassion. I remeber one line from the book which is very good:

"When in conversation try to find out more about the person rather wait for a chance to speak about yourself.Ask more questions about the other person's intesrests and likes and before you know the other person is doing the same" :)

3. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: My first classic book.I am huge romantic books fan and this book is like epitome of romance for me.I am sure most of you know the story .Its about two individuals who are in love with each other but let pride and prejudice come in between them . The Hero(Yes he is a hero :) ) is Darcy full of pride and wouldn't accept the fact (even to himself) that is he in love with the beautiful,lovely,intelligent Elizabeth. Elizabeth in turn is prejudiced against Darcy .How they cross the hurdles with bunch of other characters forms the story . One favorite line from the book is :
When Darcy proposes to Eliza she tells him "Even if you were the last man on the earth I wouldnt marry you" and guess what happens at the end :).

4. Agatha Christie series : From early on I used to like these detective stories and have read "Sherlock Holmes" series. But I love Agatha Christie books. I think she is one the most intelligent writers of all time.Her books are the highest sold books after Bible . Her principal characters in each of her series are Poirot,Jane Marple ,Parker Pyne and some more . My favourites are Poirot and Ms Marple. Ms Marple is the underdog who lives in St Mary Mead and yet can solve all the problems put forth to her no matter where they occurred. She was first introduced in a book named "Murder at the Vicarage".A very good book. I have read lot of Christie and my dream to own all the books Christie has written.I am working towards it :).

I will add more in my coming blogs.

OH I forgot to add as every girl would 've done I also read lot of Mills and Boon (though now the frequency has reduced :) ).

Tata..till next time..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I have always wondered why there are few achievers in the world .And
we all dream to become big one day in our life yet very few reach there.

Why is that the case. Is it the way we look at success. That is ,what is success for you may not be success for me. Does the difference lie there?And how much is intelligence related to that?

I have always felt that I should be either on the side of success or side of failure and always I find myself in the middle.A path for the mediocre. I think most of us are on that path. The question is why .Why there are so many mediocres?

I still haven't found any answers for that but a close friend of mine keeps telling me that the mediocre people are the reason why the world runs smoothly.Maybe that is true.
But does that mean we stop ourselves from going higher?

My first blog

Hi All

This is my first blog. I am very excited to start one. Hopefully I can use this medium to express my thoughts and know more from you all about it.

Talk to you all :)