Saturday, December 20, 2014


YOU brought me into this world
Full of promises and dreams
Of lovely sunrises , blooming flowers
Of growing tall and growing strong

YOU made me believe that love exists
That Humanity drives this world
That being good is what I must  do
That giving pain to others is wrong

YOU sent me to school to learn
Geography,History, English
To Play , to make friends
To build the future of my country

BUT when I saw those EYES
HE asked me for my blood
To quench his thirst of REVENGE

I gave it away and I saw his EYES
Those EYES I had seen somewhere
They were YOURS

YOU showed me rainbow near the horizon
YOU let me feel the warm SUN
YOU let me experience LOVE

Then YOU asked me come to YOU
YOU watched me drown in the deep sea
THEY did it but it was YOU

WHY?  What is YOUR plan?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where is the world going to?

I feel tired..really really tired. Tired of watching news all around the world which are giving the same news. People are dying. The only difference is that their nationalities change. An Indian dies here, an Australian dies there. But everything means the same to me. People are dying. Innocent people who have nothing to do with any conflict are dying. What could be the purpose of all these. Why should anybody die just because another person has decided to kill another person (for whatever reason). Why?

If I meet God today I will only ask him these questions and if he has answer to these then I will believe that something positive will come out of all these

God , what is your purpose on earth. People are  saying you are the reason for the fights. Why  are you not saying anything?

God, how can you watch children die?

God, when a women is being tortured , where are you? Cant you hear her voice?

God, using your name people are looting money from innocent people. Who is to blame for this.

God, how can anybody abuse someone from the same family? How can such thoughts come to a person.

God you are the main reason why this world still sane but are you the same reason why the world is going insane?

Last but not the least. When will all this end?

These are sincere questions.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

For the Jane Austen in Us

For the Jane Austen in usJane Austen’s 239th birth anniversary is coming up. (Dec 14th 2014) and almost two centuries later, she is still one of the bestsellers!. I read my first Jane Austen at the age of sixteen and got hooked. She has written only few books (Six to be precise, the seventh one was left unfinished, what a pity!)  but what a mark they have left. Why do we love her so much? What is that “thing” which gets us read her so much?  After much thought I realised that it is not one but several factors which make her the most lovable author till this day. I think her works are so relevant to this date owing to many common factors of her book and the present society we live in .Let me list them down and see if you also think so?
  •  Gold-digging mothers looking for rich grooms: Ok in India this is the case. A rich groom is what the bride’s mother dreams of.  The number of houses he has, the cars he owns, the number of times he has visited a “foreign” land.  Mrs Bennette matches this character perfectly so do our modern mothers. This character is from “Pride and Prejudice” who steals the show with her “gold-digging” indexJ.
  • The gossiping neighbourhood Aunty:  Jane Austen books are replete with these characters be it in “Persuasion”,”Sense and Sensibility” or “Pride and Prejudice”. The Aunts rule the gossip market by passing news between houses and becoming the modern “Indian Breaking news channel”. Jane Austen nailed this character to perfection!. Be it Mrs Philip from P&P or Mary from Persuasion or even Emma from Emma , all of the characters thrived on gossip. Hail gossip.
  • The Strong and Silent M&B hero: Jane Austen can be named as the official founder of M&B and Harlequin because her leading men just fit the bill perfectly of a Harlequin hero. Name one lady/girl who doesn’t swoon when they hear the name Darcy?  Colonel Brandon of Sense and Sensibility, Knightly of Emma, Captain Wentworth of Persuasion all are trademark heroes of Romance novelsJ. Darcy is the strong silent type who has a heart of a gold(his housekeeper tells Lizzy when she visits Pemberly). He is not the flirting kind who falls for beauty alone. He wants brains and wit in a girl.  What a character! Wentworth from Persuasion  gives into ego and ignores Anne only to lose the battle at the end. All beautiful characters making the swoon meter hit the maximum for girls like us.
  •  Plane Jane heroine /Girl Next door:  Plain Jane character is a famous one till date.  Many a stories have been written with that theme. The plain girl with ordinary looks, with her exemplary character manages to attract the leading man and ends up happily ever after.  I think Anne of Persuasion is the best the instance of it. Anne loses her bloom very early in her life but with her elegance, maturity and sensibility rises above everybody. Mr Wentworth cannot help himself but to fall in love with her all over again!  This theme has been used umpteen times in movies/books/tv dramas. Jane Austen , take a bow . Your stock characters are still alive!
  • Dancing and Music and parties:  Dance and Music are integral part of Jane Austen’s novels.  Major love stories of her have started in a ball, a card party or dinner parties.  And so is the case even today! Dance and Music is part of every love story till date Romance quotient rises with it and we have to thank Ms Austen for paving the way!
  •  Woman of Substance: All of Jane Austen heroines have a mind of their own. They belonged to the Victorian era (which was conservative of times) and yet the heroines had the guts to express what they feel like. Apart from Mansfield Park heroine, all the rest were witty, bold, sensible and of course unconventional. Anne of Persuasion seems submissive but actually she is not. She opposes her status conscious father strongly to be with her poor friend belonging to lower strata.  Elizabeth oF P&P plainly disapproves Lady DeBorough and even goes to the extent of boldly telling her that she wouldn’t mind being engaged to Mr Darcy. That’s our girl!
  • Status and position in society: Titles and status played a major role in Jane Austen’s books (which probably reflected the Victorian era). A Baronet looked down upon common people. Why, even Darcy (who is owns Pemberly estate in P&P) openly tells Lizzy (while proposing to her) that “despite her family’s status in society” he is ready to go down and ask her for marriage (No wonder Lizzy turns him down!) Status still plays a big role in our present world isn’t it? Poor girl rich guy or rich guy poor girl combo is still looked with a shock!
  • Extended families: Extended families provide all “extra” drama we need to spice up a novel and Austen has pioneered in that art. All her books deal with huge families(cousins,uncles,aunts,neighbours) and their stories  are interwoven with the main story in such a logical fashion that nothing seems out of place.  It is like one organic plant.And for that reason alone we need to bow to Ms Austen. Our current soaps deal with such families but alas not to the same effect as Ms Austen.  They could surely learn something from her.

The list goes on.  Her foresight, her exemplary observation of the society around her, her understanding of human emotions and relations is above par. Jane Austen continues to enthrall us for the sole reason that she made stories of real human emotions which have not changed till date.   #Respect #Brilliant  for our dear Jane Austen.