Friday, November 28, 2014

Stop these Bollywood cliches

Bollywood we had had enough. We do not want to see these cliches (post-2000)  anymore
1. Stop portraying women as skimpily clad girls with lots gusto in the beginning only to end up at the end again as doormat. ( Ex-Cocktail(Deepika's character, Ishaqzaade(Parineeti's character)

2.Being loud and boisterous and "in your face" attitude is not equal to being modern woman.

3. Make 3D movies for the heck of it with no purpose. (Dangerous Ishq)

4. Try use graphics,technology and what not which clearly look third rate and then claim to have made the best technological film ever.

5. Girl who is modern can wear salwar kameez and sarees.

6. Bollywood heroines giving lectures on obejectification in real life and getting objectified in reel life.

7. Use media to advantage for film promotion, self promotion , brand promotion and what not and then blaming media for intruding into their lives. Letting them "intrude" for your convenience is as sickening.

8. Lifting, copying stories,scenes,action sequences,songs,dance moves is WRONG. STOP IT.

9.  Looting people with exorbitant ticket rates. No wonder you are earning in crores. But for this the people are to be blamed.

10. Its ok to show girls as coy and shy  because real life does have these kind of girls.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

I don't know Phil Hughes personally and yet......

I don't know Phil Hughes personally. I don't what records you have broken  or were you really good at cricket. But when I heard about your  death yesterday my heart went heavy. I still feel heavy. I feel heavy with the thought that you didn't want to leave this world. That you wanted to do much more in life and you could have. That you  chose this sport with lot of braveness and courage. Feel heavy with pain thinking about his parents. Nothing can be more painful than seeing your child pass away before you.
God's way of working is quiet confusing at times. Otherwise he wouldn't have done this.But God has been merciful in the fact that Phil Hughes never regained consciousness after being hit. At least he didn't go through any pain and was not aware of what was happening to his brain. But God ,please show more kindness in giving strenghth to his parents so that they cope  with the loss. That their restless souls gets some peace and then Phil Hughes will rest in peace.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Investing in a relation

Today we are living in such a cynical world. We are questioning every relationship we have. We hardly trust anybody. Forget others , we sometimes don't trust ourselves!  We aremso into this "marketing"  jargons that everything is give and take policy. The problem is we all want to take first and then give. And when everybody thinks this way, there can only be a deadlock! Each is waiting for the other to give and finally none get anything. All  they get is  a let down feeling.  But this can change! It can change if one tries to give first and then see if we can anything is return!  

This can happen only if we genuinely invest in relationships. The problem with today's world is nobody has the time to do so.  And what is even more funny , one who gives importance to family relations is considered a foolish person letting go of their individuality. Who the hell told you so? 
Time and again it has been proven that , a family with good relations is a happy family. Not a family with greatest riches, nor a family with greatest academicians. We all keep working hard individually with happiness as the end goal. If we can get the happiness with great relations all around, why not invest more time into it?

Before I get into investing into a relationship, I do not mean fake messages on FB  or false smiley faces on WhatsApp. They are not in my terms building a relationship.  A true relationship is built gradually. It is built with lots of work from our side.  This process may take years. But it is definitely worth it. A solid relationship at the end of four years will give you lifelong happiness. And happiness is our goal right?  When we keep thinking about , what am I getting in return, or what will I get in return , then we get into the selfish mode. First give it a try. Try hard, Give hundred percent. Even after your trials, the relationship is not working , then it was probably not worth it. But first give it a TRY. 

The most ignored relations of our world are our own families. We assume , mom is always there. We believe dad will bail us out. Work hard in maintaining a good relation with your family. Small gestures, a smile, listening to your family member will go a long way in building a relation. A hug, a pat on a shoulder, a good laugh  all these things matter. Going home and asking mom about her day will cheer her up. Asking your brother about his exams or the latest game he has will bring a smile to his face. If these things don't come naturally to us then we must do it consciously. It is not being fake. It is being more sensitive. Hard work always pays. And this hard work will also pay. It will pay you in happiness. 

When we pass away , nobody talks about our designation we passed away with. People only think about how we were as a person. They say "He was a good man, she was a helpful lady, he was always polite". Nobody will talk about our riches. They will only talk about our richness as a person . This richness can only come from how we have built our relationship with the rest of the world. So time has come to start investing! Where to start? Start with your mom :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

This is how I would change the Humsafar Ending

Are you all watching Humsafar ?  Let us say this, if you are a woman and if you have not seen Fawad Khan yet , then something doesn't sound right. That's right ladies, the swoon meter hits the max with Fawad Khan. But his looks aside, I feel there are many things which make "Humsafar" a memorable watch.  The lead couple did such a wonderful job that we almost believe that Khirad and Asher are real life couple!  The amazing chemistry between the two, their good looks ,  their acting and of course all the sweet romantic moments between the two make the serial a hit.  The story itself is not that great because it lacks originality. Any girl who has grown up on Mills and Boon diet can tell the story backward! Yep it is that predictable.  What I really like about the serial is that it actually has a ending , unlike our great soaps which go on and on for years with wafer thin plots. So we must take this as a cue and start doing something similar here.

Although the serial is very good, I feel the way they rushed the ending was not correct. They jam packed all the accusations, redemption, apologies in one last episode. Somehow Khirad forgiving Asher in one scene seemed almost ridiculous. Here is a lady who has suffered hardships for four years and the sole reason for her hardships was this man Asher who simply didn't trust his wife. He believed every tom , dick and harry but his wife! How can any woman forgive such a man in one scene?  Second absurd thing was the coincidence of Asher eavesdropping on his mom's conversation. He reading Khirad's letter and immediately listening to his mom's conversation with Khizar seemed too stretched.  Asher, goes back to pick Khirad but hardly opens his mouth. He says , Hareem wants her mom and that's why he has come here.Hello? You  came to know the biggest truth of your life. Is this the way you react?

So here is the way I would have ended the serial if I were the director/writer.

1. When Khizar comes to Asher to confess his mistake and expose Asher's mom , I would have made Asher listen to him. This would have two-fold effect. Asher , who is already missing Khirad , would have had heart melt to listen to anybody who can absolve Khirad of her sins. And he listening to Khizar would have made the audience have a soft corner for him. And yes Khizar still deserves that slap he gets from Asher. So the slap stays !

2. After this Asher goes straight to Khirad and ask for an apology and asks her to come back with him. She disagrees and blames him for all her miseries and tells him that she can never forgive him. Asher promises her that he will never try to get close to her again, till she agrees to take him back.But for the sake of Hareem , let them both stay together at least. This way Hareem wont miss her mum and dad. Asher goes down on his knees and begs her to forgive him and come back. At this point I would make Khirad agree to come back , but not forgive Asher.

3. Asher takes Khirad back to the house, where he has the confrontation scene with his mom. I would keep the scene as it is , except for the part where he says that he would have divorced his wife , if his mom had told so.(Why should he do that anyway?)

4. After the scene, Khirad,Asher and Hareem leave the house to stay in another house. Asher's mom doesnt become mad , but ,yes, regrets her behaviour.

5. Asher tries his best to make Hareem and Khirad happy with his actions. 

6. Asher discusses his jealousy and the way  he behaved before 4 years. His actions were blinded by jealousy and hence he is suffering now. If only he had trusted her this wouldn;t have happened.  He then confesses to her that , he always felt she was too good for him. And that's why he believed that she would leave him! If only he believed her love. 

7. Khirad is seen slowly softening her stand towards Asher though some scenes. Like , if Asher falls sick, she still cares for him

8. Khirad also realises that she still loves him and forgives him.

9. All is well that ends well.

So how is my story?

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Karnataka Rajyostsava Day
The yellow and red colours fluttering in the wind , in every street of Karnataka can only mean one thing. Yes , Karnataka Rajyotsava day!  Every year , on November  1 , people of Karnataka and all the the kannada speaking people around the world come together to celebrate the birth of Karnataka.  Let us see some interesting  facts about this special day.

The state of Karnataka was formed on Nov 1 , 1956 , when all the Kannada speaking regions were merged to form one unified state. Did you know that, Aluru Venkata Rao  , was the first person who actually  came up with this idea of unifying all the Kannada regions into one in the year 1905!  He definitely was a visionary, because his vision did come true and we are enjoying the fruits of his vision now.  In 1956, Mysore state, North Karnataka, Canara were merged to form the new state. An interesting trivia is that, when the regions were merged into a state, the whole state was named Mysore and not Karnataka! It was only in the year 1973 that our state was renamed to Karnataka. Sri Devaraj Urs was the Chief Minister at the time.

How the day is celebrated by Government of Karnataka
This day is probably as famous as any festival of the state. All the people come together and celebrate it lots of happiness and pride. Government of Karnataka organises a procession on this day . Rajyostsava awards are given away on this day. The recipients of the award come from various walks of life. Just like republic day, tableaux of Goddess Bhuvaneswari Devi is decorated and presented.  Cultural events are followed by this.

How the rest celebrate it?
Karnataka is probably the only state, where each and everybody residing in the state celebrates it. It is like a festival. Apartments (such as ours) come together and organise the function. Every autowallah, on this day has the red and yellow fluttering flag , clearly taking pride in the day.  On this day, every street of the state comes alive, with lights and colours! This is like a second Diwali for the state.  

Its Significance-Unifying the state
The most interesting part of the day is that people from all over the state, residing here come and join in the celebrations. It is this day, which lets them know about the history of the state and its significance. The day is not connected to any religion, caste or sect, which probably gives a deeper message to all of us. It is the celebration of unity in diversity.  It almost seems that this day is another way of bringing the whole state together and understand that staying together is the key to all the happiness in the society.
Now that we have seen, what this day is all about, which most of you would have known by now. Why don’t we see some interesting, unknown facts about Karnataka?  Let us see how well you know your KarnatakaJ. So here we go.
  • Did you know that Kittur Rani Chennamma, queen of princely state of Kittur, was the first woman to fight against the British army , by leading an army herself?  It was way before Jhansi ki Rani . Her statue is in Indian Parliament complex!
  • Karnataka Khadi Gramodyaga Samyukta Sangha in Hubli is the only place in India which is authorized to manufacture the Flag of India.
  • M Viswesharaya’s(one of the greatest engineers of India)  birthday  , which is 15th September is celebrated as Engineer’s day in India. He was the chief engineer of KRS Dam (Mysore) and even Mysore Soap factory.
  •  What does Devanhalli  strike you? Airport? Actually it is the birth place to Tipu Sultan!
  •  Of the 26 world heritage UNESCO sites in India , two of them are in Karnataka. One of them is at Hampi i.e the the statue of Ugranarsimha . The second heritage site is at Pattadkal . The monuments of Hampi and Pattadakal were made UNESCO sites in 1986 and 1987 respectively. Time to visit them?
  • Did you know that Gandhi visited Karrnataka only once? This was during the Belgaum Congress session in 1924. At the time Gandhi was the president of Congress.
  • The name “Karnataka”  is derived from “Karunadu” meaning high plateau due to its location on the deccan plain.
  • Do you know that there are references to Karnataka in Mahabharata and Bhagavata Purana? In Bhagavata Purana it is described in Chapter 6 of Canto 5. It is said that Rishabhadeva ended his avatara in Kutakachala hill in Karnata province.  Kutakachala hill is in present day Kollur , Karnataka.
  • Bangalore was the first city to receive electricity. Guess which building received the first spark?  The City Market building.
  • Bangalore had almost 280 lakes and tanks.  Most for any city. Wonder what happened to them.
  • The maximum number of Nobel Prize nominations from India (in Science) have come from Bangalore! Sir CV Raman got the Nobel Prize in 1930. He was associated with IISc Bangalore.
  • Bangalore is higher altitude than Dehradun.  That’s why we all own such beautiful jackets!
  • Now, time has come to change Bangalore to Bengaluru.  Do you know the origin of this name?  There are many theories behind it. One is that it came from the name “Benda Kaal Ooru(Town of Boiled beans). There is another one based on a tiny village called “Hale Bengaluru” (Old Bengaluru) which is present near the current Hebbal Lake. Either way we are happy!

Hope you all enjoyed this facts about Karnataka.  All the facts have been gathered from various sources on net and they need to be credited for them.