Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Persuasion movie 1995 I loved watching this movie and not the one made in 2007.1995 movie truly captured the spirit of the book and I think chose excellent cast to make the movie though captain Benwick seemed a bit  out of place (maybe because of his physical personality) butotherwise  is near perfect.

I have read the book many times and remember many scenes which I always imagined how they would be shot and when I saw this movie I felt "Ah that is he" (as Aristotle told in Poetics).

But I always wonder why both movies (in fact the 1971 one too) don't have the scene where Mary's naughty son hangs on to Anne and she struggles to get rid. When Captain Wentworth sees this he rescues her .Oh what a lovely scene this would have been if included in the movie!!.

Maybe a new version will include it.:-).

Now coming to the cast itself ,there is no doubt that it was Ciara Hinds who stole the show playing Wentworth to the T . Amanda Root also did justice but nobody can beat the look in Hinds eyes everytime he watches her or is around her.Makes you believe in romance and love. Perfect acting !!. Even  the gentleman who played Mr Elliot indeed did very well. His vanity is glaringly visible and yet it seems to be part of the actor itself!.Of the rest ,I feel, the lady who played Mary did very well.She matched the character of the book to almost perfection.

Wonder what Austen would 've thought if she watched this movie.:-).

I thank her for giving this century something worthwhile to read!.Thanks Jane :-)

Well bye for now

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