Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One of my fav Agatha christie book

I love Agatha Chritie. I am trying to finish her list of books .I am done with Marple and with Poirot its going on .  There are other books she has written as well like Parker Pyne and Tommy and Tuppence. But I have read some other books not involving any particular character as such to solve the murder case.

But I must say this my favorite has always been Miss Marple . They was she says "People are same everywhere" is quiet amusing. I mean her solving of the thirteen problems was very good.I just love the way she discovers here nephew's proposal during the novel. But my best of the lot is "Murder is Announced" .Now what a story it was.To even think that the a pearl choker can have so much meaning in the story is fantastic. I loved it. "Litty ,Lotty" .This is how her Charlotte's companion gets confused and my my how it effects her.

Hats off to Agatha Christie for her ingenious talent and giving us something to read for centuries because I am sure people will read it just like we read Shakespeare and Milton till date.

Thank you Agatha  ! And thank God for giving her to this world.

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