Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Universe and us

My son who is 3 years old loves space and planets and everything related to the Universe (outside earth). And in the effort to show him more on it we have bought so many books related to it and search in the daily nespapers if anything related to it has come. He is in love with space.He has by hearted eveyrthig about the planets and what not!... Now when he sees anything spherical ..he first compares it to a planet. The comparison doesn't  stop here. He has converted my face also into a planet. My face it seems is Jupiter and a dark spot on my face the is the giant red spot on Jupiter. He even showed me a moon on my face ..yep its the great pimple.:-).Thank fully he has ignored the craters.lucky me!

But all this process of learning along with him has pushed a profound truth into my head! The truth of our smallness compared to this HUGE Universe where we  our planet belongs to one of the zilllion galaxies . What are we ? A mere particle ..not even that. Maybe a small atom  which makes up the whole universe. And yet with this smallness ,which God reminds us always,we are such proud people. In this mere 70-80 years of our lives..we hurt so many ,we hold grudge on many .Why? We betray,murder,lie and ill treat others .(We may have not done all these but some ..) .Seems very funny to me . To forgive a person we think 20 times..and to hold a grudge  not even for a second.

The Time has come for the human to grow up! To understand this smallness and become big!!

I am trying my best and yet I fail but I will keep trying  :-)

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