Wednesday, September 06, 2006

After a Looooong time!


I am blogging after a loooooooong time.Dont know what kept me from writing .Today feel like writing something.

You know these days when I open any newspaper,news site (Indian of course) I just find distressing news .News which will make my blood boil with anger.

I mean lets take the "Vande Mataram" fiasco.
Govt imposes a rule that Vande Mataram should be sung in every school on a particular day .And suddenly this priceless song becomes the centre of controversy. Cmon guys we have better things to do in life!

Govt forcing people to sing is a joke!(What about our freedom?) And then the protests against the "song" is even more hurting.

People who say "We are not going to sing the song because of the lyrics" are the same people who are ready to sing any bollywood song with very bad lyrics (to the point of obscene lyrics) .

"Vande Mataram" is a beautifully penned song made for the country not religions !

The whole mess was totally unnecssary .What to do!(sigh)

This happens only in India :)

Chalo then
Till next blog

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