Friday, June 21, 2013

Jiah Khan's story

Jiah Khan is making headlines again but sadly for something nobody is happy about.Such young life wasted away for reasons unknown. But what saddens me more the way people are discussing the whole subject from suicide to depression to love failure. I wish people will leave her alone. Why torture that soul  ?

 I see every body discussing Jiah  Khan's life and her alleged boyfriend Suraj as if both were some public property .There are at least four articles printed in media mostly discussing  whether Suraj is in the wrong/Jiah was depressed/Was it love failure? etc. etc. Please give them a break .Stop judging both of them! Firstly we have no idea what happened between them .Only Jiah and Suraj will know the truth .And one of them is not in this world anymore . Its up to the law now .Whatever course of action is taken will be based on  evidences ,testimonies and rest of the technical jargon. That's the only way to treat this case .Jiah's family and Suraj's family should only be the parties involved. It would be best if the rest of media doesn't judge,pass comments and keep playing the guessing game and start endless discussions on suicide.This is such  a personal matter ,kindly keep it personal.

I really hope and pray that the truth comes out and Jiah's soul will truly rest in peace!

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