Monday, June 03, 2013

Everybody has the right to live

Everybody in this world deserves to live as they want to as long as they are not coming in between principles of others. But world is such a strange place,we are constantly advising people around us,always telling them what needs to be done ,what wrongs were done in the past and what wrongs they are doing now. I think it is best that the person himself learns from his mistakes and gain experience and then realise that what they had was not correct indeed. That way they will repeat the mistake or understand how to deal better. Of course the whole world is full of "I told you so" category but what to do? If we do not want advise then it is better to make mistakes and bear the digs at you.

I just want freedom for everybody.Everybody should feel so free that they can speak their mind without thinking so much about the other persons perception of us. This live and let live policy is the best policy I have ever come across.Please try it! :)

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