Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Education vs "Education"

I always wondered what educating someone meant. When I was young I  thought it was studying well and scoring good marks.How wrong can one be! I have grown now :). But I still see many viewing education with the same view of marks and degrees. But what truly is education?

According to me ,you are truly educated :

- When you are sensitive enough to make sure that you don't hurt others.

- When you have the compassion in you to realize that your actions indeed have consequences.

- When you respect elders for their age if not for anything else!(Like giving them your seat in the bus!)

- When you have conversations with people instead of arguments

- When you know that Winning always doesn't mean success

- When you are positive and optimistic in dealing every  situation

- When  you accept pain and happiness with same equanimity

- When integrity,honesty are part of your soul and reflect in every work you do.

- When you know how to conduct yourself in public

 - When you don't break queues by cheating to get your work done faster.

-  When you don't litter your surroundings and make and effort to keep it clean.

- When you do not waste natural resources and make an effort to save it or use it judiciously at every opportunity.

- When you can assimilate a good thought and implement it .

- When you know status ,titles are mere words and they itself do not signify anything about you.

- When you understand dignity of every profession and do not run any one profession down.

- and last but not the least ,when you know "education" is continuous and has not duration(like your degree).

Am I right?  :)


Reema Sahay said...

Yes you are right. Education should be liberating, it must open our minds. I also was made to believe earlier that education meant scoring high marks but now I realize everyone has different aptitude for different hings and each one can excel in things which one is passionate about. Education must provide that opportunity.

pocketfullofthoughts said...

Yes Reema,I agree with you :).When I read your article I felt "Ah,found a like -minded person" :)