Thursday, March 07, 2013

Women's day

Women's day is around the corner  and I am sure  many articles will come up with topics like these "How to manage work life and home life ", "Women in our society","Crimes against women" etc. The whole fact that these topics are written every year   around women's day is in itself a wonder to me .

The articles are written every year simply because nothing has changed. The women is still talked about ,discussed about  . The chat shows,tv channels , newspapers and in our own households. Crimes again women are on the rise. As far as I  know dowry harassment is still rampant.Not a day goes without hearing the word "rape" . The wives are getting beaten up and yes their opinions still don't matter. And of course the girls are still "items" (It is a shame that top actors themselves want to be called "item" girls). Now of course the positive side of it is that people are  growing aware of the evils in our society. The news channels are not leaving a single stone unturned (maybe for sensationalism ,don't know the motive)  to get the news across to us.  But I always wondered what is the reason behind all this? Why does a woman still need a "Women's day" to tell the world she is just another human being  . Why does she need this special attention ?Why does she have to scream and tell  "I am a woman ,respect me?"  These questions have never come up for a man! And it will never.I am sure about it.

The whole answer lies(I feel) in the way  women are made . Their physical  make up I mean. And of course this led for the man to behave in a certain way which the women endured meekly and  now it won't stop! The very act of procreation is designed in such a way that women's power is diminished. Makes her physically weak. And this gave man the great power to dominate .And he assumed (I guess) that if he can dominate in the act of procreation,he can do the same in all walks of life. This included things like beating her up(he is physically stronger) , screaming at her(show of power again), impose himself on her (without her permission), assume that women have no brains so there is no need to ask her for her opinion(coming from the same dominating personality) .Because the man was physically stronger  he would go out and get the wood ,build house etc. And the women had to make sure their men ate well and ended up cooking.But who added rules like after marriage the woman should go to the man's house ,that she should assume his name, that her children also should bear the father's name is a bit obscure.But whoever did ,should be blamed partly for all this mess. And in our country, the exchange of money during the marriage is an additional evil  to whole "disrespect for women" scenario.

The positive side is that people are aware now. Our own men have realized that what their ancestors did was wrong. Many are treating their  partners as equals. But unfortunately that is just the 2% of the population. The rest are still in the dark(including the women). Womenfolk please wake up! If your dignity is being shamed then question it.If someone is treating you like an physical object then stand up and fight and if you are not aware of what you want from life then please please educate yourself. Education will enlighten you!

Here is wishing every woman  a happy "Women's day".I only  wish that such a day should never be celebrated but only used as a tool to help women understand that they are equals as well.

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