Friday, March 01, 2013

A Poem


Two inches on this side and  hundred inches  on that side,
I am of the same colour.
I grow trees, feed animals, fill myself with water  that’s all I know.
Here or there it is the same for the blind me.
Yet they colour me with red for the same me.
They pushed down the wall to grab me with greedy hands.
They plunder me to have me.
I cry but they don’t hear the deaf ones.
God Let me be .Please.

I flow from beginning to the end to meet my sea.
Am I in the temple land or land of kings?
Here or there it is the same for the blind me.
I quench thirst and nurture life, that’s all I know.
They fight for me, they cut me into half, they stop me.
I roar and weep yet none hear, the deaf ones.
God let me just flow .Please.

I know to love and nurture
And in return I want the same. That’s all I know.
I am a human too with emotions and self respect.
Why am I treated like an object?
They ravage me, poke me, and murder my respect.
I shout for help ,I scream ,the bus moves.
My country shouts for justice yet none hear,the deaf ones.
God, just let me live with respect.Please.

I was made by you to help you .That’s all I know.
The more they have me the more they are happy.
They use me to hurt, murder and cheat  .
Their greed for me turns them to monsters.
 I cannot cry, I cannot weep. I cannot feel.
I am just a green paper. I can just pass on.
God, is there a way out of this ?Please?

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