Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ms Marple vs Mr Poirot

Ok by now everybody knows that I am a huge Agatha Christie fan .Of all her creations I love her works which involves Mr Poirot or Ms Marple. Although Christie has written only 13 novels with Ms Marple as the investigator  I still love Ms Marple more than anybody else. The other books she has written with Parker Pyne ,Tommy and Tuppence aren't many and somehow was not able to read them with lots of interest. Ok now lets come to Mr Poirot and Ms Marple. They both investigate crimes .Thats the only thing which is common between them.In terms of character they are poles apart.Let me list down a few of them.

Methodical vs Haphazardness

Poirot is extremely methodical in his process of investigation as well as in his personal life. He adjusts ashtrays ,makes sure his stuff are kept properly in its place (Ms Lemon /George sure help him in this!) .Although  Watson  tries to mellow it down ,Poirot doesn't budge. He must do things in an order. And surprisingly the order lies in his head. He hates anybody who is not methodical  in their approach(any Poirot story we take up is definitely an instance of this) and thats where Ms Marple enters the picture.Her investigation process is totally haphazard. She has no method but does have a sharp eye and an ear.With the help of these both she manages to crack every crime piece. The thirteen problems is an fantastic example of this. She manages to guess her nephew's impending marriage just by his and his fiance's behaviour which nobody else observe. Otherwise she has no process at all. Just observe each day and create a jigsaw piece and finally piece it together to crack the crime.

To the point vs Digress-er

Poirot hates anybody who digress and do not get to the point faster. How many times we see that the witness at the scene of crime especially maids  go on and on and on and hardly get to the point .He himself gets to the point very quickly and asks questions which are only relevant  Ms Marple on the other hand is a total digress-er .At one point she talks of the crime and in another about the milk man or the delivery boy.Only later we realize that what she spoke at that time has some relevance to the crime. But at the specific moment it seems as if she is scatting and kind of puts off the rest of the people around her.

Boastful ,Proud,immodest vs Self demeaning

It is very clear who is boastful. The greatest detective the world has seen ever :).Yep Mr. Poirot. He keeps praising himself so much that at one point you want shake him up and request him to be more modest. But modesty is not his cup of tea sorry sirop :D. Whereas our Ms Marple keeps telling that she hardly has gone out St Mary Mead and she can only judge based on her experiences in her place. She hardly takes credit for any work she has done  .At first she seems as if she is totally out her mind and she doesn't even correct anybody who believes it to be the case. That is one of the main reason why I love Ms. Marple.


Poirot being Poirot gives too much importance to his appearance. He is immaculately  dressed and his mustaches take up most of his time.And Ms Marple hardly takes her appearance into account.She just worried about her rheumatism and health and nothing else.

Ok these are the things I can think of .If anybody else can add anything else I would love to hear.


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