Friday, February 01, 2013

Why I love Jane Austen

Jane Austen is loved by many today. She is my personal favorite as well.She got her share of fame a bit late but imagine people loving her even today ! She is still able to sell copies of her books without the help of anybody :) even today. There must be something about her way of writing which attracts people. The reason why I love her are  many .
Firstly ,she understands different set of people. She has characters who are vain ,who are proud,who are kind , who are conservative  and many more. Her research in characters is pretty detailed. And she never actually points our the real character of the person .But she unfolds it via the character's speech. Just by the  vulgar enthusiasm of Mrs Bennett we know how eager she is to get her daughter's married off to RICH men. She is the trapping kind and will even make her daughter fall sick so that she is in company of Mr.Bingley! How cruel!  Mr.Collins,Mary everybody have a different character which can only amuse the reader even more! But what we must appreciate is the way she gather these characters into one single enclosure and creates an array which keep interacting with each other to make the final picutue.I am sure everybody will agree with me here.  Even smaller characters like Mr Hurst  and Lady Catherine's daughter Anne  add to this picture and complete it.
She was the original Mills and Boon writer! Everything has changed in today's world but human nature has remained the same. Girls still want romance and of course men are still unexpressive except in actions :). How Jane Austen has captured that ! When  Captain Wentworth (Persuasion) silently broods but yet his every glance watch Anne  ,we are almost drooling :). The feelings of jealousy , love ,indifference  add upto the masala  of romance  and readers wont complain. But what class ! A glance here  ,a look there ,a dance are enough to set the hearts to race.Say hello to our first harlequin writer!

That was about romance but her effective use of language is where she scores a point above the rest. The language flows and a sentence running into two -three lines will feel like one(unlike others). When I was very young ,I found it hard to assimilate some of the words. When she wrote "ablution" and learnt it meant washing up ,I was like "wow". But now when I read them I realise that she made a perfect choice of words .The words sort of complete her thoughts so well and send it across to the reader in a effective way.

And her way describing places  and things is definitely eye-catching. When she described Pemberly (Pride and...) ,you imagined it to be a beuatiful scenic palace and thats what it turned out to be in the movie as well. The way she describes Derbyshire moors or the moors at the cottage in Sense and Sensibilty  makes you feel you have visited England ! And of course her favourite place ,Bath. Bath has featured many times in her books and it shows that it has influenced her in a strong way.

There are many more but I would say pick up the book yourself and experience Austen !

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