Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I learnt from my child.

When your child is born ,you are awestruck in the begining and then slowly the daily routine of wiping,cleaning,feeding ,making them sleep gets you and we stop watching our own child .We stop to observe how nature is unfolding itself before you in the form of your child. And in small ways your child is teaching you small things which make up the essence of the universe.
When your child cries for  three things  i.e hunger,sleep or ill-health he is telling us that these are the basic things we need at any point of time irrespective of our status.Take care of these three things.
When your child smiles as the first form of communication he is teaching us the easiest and the simplest way to communicate with any human being in this world.Just smile!
When your child learns to say his own code words/signs for letting us know what he feels like or what he wants he is telling us the importance of language in our lives.
When he  cries that he wouldn't go to school leaving his lovely home and his set of people and yet has a ball of his time in school once he actually goes there, he is telling us that every body is averse to change BUT it is possible to adapt to the change if we try.
When your child is able to sleep to a lullaby (don't know how!) you realize music is a beautiful instrument to solve problems!
When your child insists on having the a toy and refuses to accept any other alternative is actually showing  the individuality as a trait with which every human being is endowed.
When he loves you no matter how much you rebuke him or scold him  he is showing us what unconditional love is all about.
When he runs and falls and yet springs back to run again  shows us that failure is stepping stone of success indeed.
When he describes people by their dress colour  and not by their religion/caste/skin colour he is showing us the innocent eyes of a human being before these divisions happened.
There are countless more!  Let's observe our children and learn something from them everyday.

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