Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mills and Boon  and girls

I always wondered on why many girls love mills and boons when we know that nothing can be far from the truth.  Ok  if we pick a mills and boon now  these are definitely going to be in it ,contradict me if I am wrong!

First -The guy is definitely a rich man. When I say rich it is filthy rich!He has his own helipad on top of his house and yep he owns a set of islands as well not to forget a hotel in each of the country he visits and so has his own private suite! and nope these are not inheritances!Our guy has singlehandedly built this empire right from scratch. And guess what, he is just thirty now!.Wow .What a man sorry what a superman!!

Second-Now lets take the girl. The girl is definitely young, around 20 and has red hair ,auburn hair with unbelievable shades..not to forget her eyes which are usually blue,green and even grey.Black and brown is emitted.Thats too common! Of course her waist one span and her stomach is as flat as the surface of tiled floor. And legs.....which go on and on! Did I forget her docile nature which easily yields to every demand of the guy starting from marriage to giving and  heir!Yep you heard it right! :).

Third - Now we all love exotic places dont we? Greece,Italy,Spain sound fantastic.Yes they sound fantastic on paper full of passion.If our belongs to one of these countries it will surely fuel the passion between the guy and the girl.So just set the whole  scene in these countries and voila  we have a passionate story in hand.But remember the guy should belong to these coubtries not the girl.A English guy and a spanish girl? Nah doesn't sound that passionate. A English girl and a Greek hunk? Yep that sounds perfect!

Yea so go ahead and start writing your own and make sure you add all the three.. not to forget right doses of intimate scenes :)


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