Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hi Everybody!

Long time .There is no exscuse for not blogging :).One sport which I never watched thinking it would be boring was football.I was aware of the latest where abouts,few names from the field..the peles,maradonnas,the beckhmas,Zidanes but didn't appreciate the sport itself much.

What a change of heart world cup has imposed!! I really enjoyed all the matches.Enjoyed the nuances of the sport. Truly understood what offside means at last! :)

The team which was a surprise packet was Ghana .They played very well and competed with top class teams with elan.We enjoyed the Brazil -Ghana match a lot (Please don't see the score!!)
The only problem with them was that they couldn't finish what they started (Couldn't convert opportunities to goals)

I personally wanted Brazil to win ,because I always that Euopeans feel a bit proud about their football . It was dissapointing to see Brazil lose the way they did. They simply didn't show even a glimpse of their talent.They simple passed the ball around.Where was Ronaldo,Ronaldinho?

After Brazil's exit France seemed to be the favourite.Nobody spoke of Italy as potential winner.
All I could hear was Germany,France!!

After Germany's exit it was simply France all the way thanks to the football powerhouse ZZ.

and what a final it was .Zidane screwed up France's chance at winning by some silly head butting?(These are the words which keep repeating :) ) . And the Italian team was no less.
They showed that they were truly champions by converting all their penalities shootouts.

Fabio Grosso will be remembered by Italy for a long time!That man who pushed Italy to the finals ,the man who had the last goal of the tournament !!.

The great Zidanes,Ballacks,Beckhams,Ronaldo's could just sit and watch the fun from their rooms (including Zidane who must be in the locker room :-) ,thanks to the color red!)

This world cup showed that it is not enough if you play well,if you can't play with your team if wont help much.

Nobody is greater than football nor their country!

Ciao :)

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