Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code

Disclaimer : This is not a review. All written below is purely non-fictional :).Ok just kidding.

I have read the book and I must say that the book belonged to "Cant keep the book down till you have read till the end" category .I have never come across this kind of thriller combined with religion combined with symbols combined with Maths.

I dont know if you can call Da Vinci Code a timeless classic or compare it greatest English books of century or the longevity of this book but the fact is it is the best seller of the decade,it has reached the most the people ,it has done something to the reading fraternity.

And the movie which has come out.Already the top critics of the world are pouncing on it.They dont like Tom Hanks hair ,to the length of the film etc etc.

People from all over the world are protesting about the movie.

I am not a literary critic so I dont know how much book stands in comparison to other books or how much it has helped the English literature move forward.

I know that the book has me think about some things,made me sit up in nights to finish it ,to get dissappointed with the ending ,to understand more about the symbols,to understand France,to understand Da Vinci and some his paintings.

So what am I trying to say ?

I am trying to say that the book has done something to the world in its small way.
Dan Brown needs to be applauded for the amount of furore he has created for past three years
for helping other authors who write the same genre(is there a genre?) to be noticed.To bring up the sales of rival books :)(The trial ..remember?)

As they say you can hate it ,love it ,blame it but you cant ignore it.

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