Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Things I would love to do!

Everybody has a wish list ,I too have many :) .These are somethings which I don't do outof fear ,some because it is not practical ,some because the right time has not come for it.

1.I would like get a lifetime free membership to all libraries in the world.

2.To be able to travel all over the world anytime I wish to without any constraints.(Office goers will know what I mean)

3.To be able to drive a car anywhere anyplace no matter how heavy the traffic is .(The basic thing is that I am dead scared to drive! :) and yes I have license to drive..)

4. Eat Pani Puri always yummy..(without falling ill,upsetting your stomach,thinking about cleanliness,dont want it on a plate whew so much for pani puri :) )

5.To own whole of Agatha Christie collection.

6. To be able to go to any book shop and buy any book of your choice without ever seeing the price tag on it.(How many times I have done that)

7. Would love to travel in Hill Station train (Blue Mountain,Himalayan queen) .Never got a chance to do so.But I think it is possible if "someone" out there is reading this .

8. To be able to dance as if nobody is watching you :)

9. To give a public speech in front of say a crowd of 1000?

Well there are many more but I will stop here .


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