Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I have always wondered why there are few achievers in the world .And
we all dream to become big one day in our life yet very few reach there.

Why is that the case. Is it the way we look at success. That is ,what is success for you may not be success for me. Does the difference lie there?And how much is intelligence related to that?

I have always felt that I should be either on the side of success or side of failure and always I find myself in the middle.A path for the mediocre. I think most of us are on that path. The question is why .Why there are so many mediocres?

I still haven't found any answers for that but a close friend of mine keeps telling me that the mediocre people are the reason why the world runs smoothly.Maybe that is true.
But does that mean we stop ourselves from going higher?


Anonymous said...

defining success is like finding a needle in haystack.. simply cant be done :)

the way we look at success is so wrong.. its different for everybody and throw in the circumstances... you get the picture...


pocketfulloflife said...

Yes ,thats true.trying to get the picture :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah as u said success is might be happy making his/her family happy and one might be happy being a rocket scientist...but as long as that person is happy...he/she achieved what they wanted.