Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why people are so rude!

I am not sure if I am the only one feeling like this but I find most of the people I come across very rude or very grumpy faced .

I am sure many of you also would have faced this.

I go to my Finance guy for some clarification in my company (me being the "ignorant" IT person) and even before I open my mouth with my question the guy/girl already create the "unwelcome" atmosphere around.The question is answered with great difficulty (and absolutely no smile on the face) and that too in monosyllables. I mean cmon he is just doing his job,I am not asking him to carry my luggage or something.Will hell break loose if he gives a small smile at me?NOPE.Then why is he like this? I have no clue if anybody has please let me know.

Talking to HR is totally different ball game.

We go and ask them some question and they give a answer very cordially and yet with a mocking tone and yes they are smiling.But all the same you return with the feeling you were just insulted 5 minutes back at the HR's desk.

And best part is that even my driver is rude .
You tell him to drive carefully and reduce the speed the guy comes back smack with a answer that he is driving at 40 (as if 40 is not high)But if you are driving 40 in narrow roads it does matter.My husband gave me a good suggestion that whenever he says he is driving at 40 I should tell him to make it 30 :-).

How do I fight this rudeness in my day to day life? I will not lie ,I am affected by these things.Do I have in me to be as rude as they are ? a BIG NO.Then what do I do?

Write blogs like these I guess :-)

This blog I dedicate to all the people who make it a point to smile everyday at people whom they know (at least,leave alone strangers) .It helps a lot. Trust me!

And to all those grumpy faced rude people I am sorry that your life is so miserable!(Am I rude here?Maybe I am .For the first time I don't care!)


pocketfulloflife said...

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Anonymous said...

I think u will get a smile on ur face if u r internally happy which is what is lacking in most of the ppl we come across.