Sunday, May 11, 2014

"thing" and my kid

Ok , all the parents out there are very much aware of this. Every child/teenager today is hooked to "them". They are so much into it that they dont eat at dining tables anymore.They neither go down and play. They dont know the joy of watching sky or dont know what it means to feel the rain on their skin. Their tiny fingers are constantly fighting a losing battle with the "thing" in their hands. The "thing" is controlling them , the "thing" makes them feel high, the "thing" drives them. And I will be very honest, the "thing" is driving me crazy. I am not able to see my child becoming a slave to it. But when I deny my child what he craves for ,he is upset, he is constantly thinking about "it". His mind doesn't rest till I give him "that".  And it is upsetting me a lot. Where am I doing wrong? It is not as if I am not  giving him "that" at all. He gets it everyday for a specified amount of time but it doesn't satisfy him. He wants more.

What I noticed is that this is the case with every child whose parents can afford all those things. But most of them are able to give it to their child without any hesitation and I find some parents feel quiet proud about it also. 

I am sure you all know what I am talking about. Yep all the fancy gadgets which were created to make our life easier and sometimes I feel they have taken over our lives so much that we have reached a stage where we have become slaves to it. Is it good? Absolutely NO. But what hurts me most is that kids and teenager who do not know what is the limit are getting hurt in the process. Their creative side is getting stifled. Their social skills are getting trampled. Their physical activity is getting dwindled. They do not know what it is to hold a book and read. They dont know what is the joy of playing a board game. They dont know what it is to sit around a dining table and have food. 

But what is the solution to this? Cutting it completely off is not the solution ,I know. But letting them understand that there are other things in the world which require our attention is the need of the hour.
The big task is how? my answer is "I dont know". I feel quiet helpless in this situation but I will definitely come up with something and come back to this blog with an answer. I will take it as a challenge!
 Wish me luck.

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