Monday, April 28, 2014

Election 2014 and voting

The time has come again. The time to vote and finally show what you want or rather who you want to push to the parliament so that he/she can make some sense there and do some good governance.   The elections in my place are over and yes I voted. To avoid rush we all left early in the morning and saw that a queue had already built in out polling booth.  It made me quiet happy. I thought finally India has woken up and has understood the value of voting.  But my elation was crumbled to pieces when I read in the paper next day that Bangalore South constituency(ours) recorded the lowest turnout in Karnataka.  Considering the fact that this time the candidates were high profile ones ,I thought maybe people will vote more. But No. When I tried to figure out why this may have happened I realised that many had actually utilised the day   as an extended long weekend and left for holidays! April 17th was election day, April 18th was good friday and you know the rest. A four day weekend awaited the greedy citizens and they bolted the moment election date was announced. What a shame! I can understand if an family emergency or any other valid reason but planned holiday makes my blood boil! How can we  as citizens behave so irresponsibly?  We ,who are living in the age where media is covering 24 by 7 the lives of every politician , should be more responsible and act like a true citizen.  

How can we blame the government if we are not choosing the right ones to represent us?  How can we show a finger at them when your un-marked thumb is pointing at you ? How can you say things like politicians suck when you suck as a citizen? 

I have decided that if next time people blame the government for anything, I will ask only one question first. The answer of it will decide if I am going to participate in their debate or not. Yes you guessed it right. The question would be -DID YOU VOTE? 

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