Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where is the world going to?

I feel tired..really really tired. Tired of watching news all around the world which are giving the same news. People are dying. The only difference is that their nationalities change. An Indian dies here, an Australian dies there. But everything means the same to me. People are dying. Innocent people who have nothing to do with any conflict are dying. What could be the purpose of all these. Why should anybody die just because another person has decided to kill another person (for whatever reason). Why?

If I meet God today I will only ask him these questions and if he has answer to these then I will believe that something positive will come out of all these

God , what is your purpose on earth. People are  saying you are the reason for the fights. Why  are you not saying anything?

God, how can you watch children die?

God, when a women is being tortured , where are you? Cant you hear her voice?

God, using your name people are looting money from innocent people. Who is to blame for this.

God, how can anybody abuse someone from the same family? How can such thoughts come to a person.

God you are the main reason why this world still sane but are you the same reason why the world is going insane?

Last but not the least. When will all this end?

These are sincere questions.

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